How to NOT spam your audiences

As marketers, we’re programmed to reach our target audience at every opportunity we can think of. But as an end user, there’s nothing more annoying than consistently being spammed by ads and messages that 1. You’ve already seen or 2. Aren’t relevant to you.

So how do marketers serve ads at scale without feeding the spam machine? We’ve listed some key areas to consider to prevent overwhelming your audiences.

Pay attention to impression frequency

An impression frequency is the average frequency at which an ad is seen by unique users (across devices) during the reporting period. A frequency of 1 means that, on average, users saw your ad once. A higher average means that more users saw your ads multiple times. Be sure to calculate this when running campaigns (Audience size ÷ impressions) to ensure you’re not overloading your audiences.

Sequential storytelling is key

Social media best practice says that a user needs to see an ad at least 7 times to act. This does not mean the same ad. Each user will be enticed by a different selling point, feature and/or pain point, so it’s vital there variety and that you’re taking them through an experience start to end.

Don’t compete against yourself

If you’re a mid-market or large organisation (or even a small, social savvy one ;)) it’s likely that you’re running multiple campaigns at once. This is great, just be sure you’re not targeting the same audience. Otherwise, you’ll be bidding against yourself, driving up bid price and spamming your audience with differing messages.

Vary your channels

Not every message should go out on every channel at the same; instead, messages should be shared in an impactful way on a channel that makes the most sense to them

If you need help getting your content in feed the right way, without spamming your audiences? Drop us a note.

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