How to promote your blog

Have you noticed how many blogs there are around? The answer… a lot. Meaning that being seen is getting complicated. Content creators are putting more and more effort into their publications, and positioning the content of a blog is no longer as simple as it was a few years ago.

So, today, we’re bringing you some of the best tricks to promoting your blog and ensuring you appear among the top results in search engines. Let’s do this!

Your blog design

The first thing you should take into account when starting your blog is its external appearance. We are not talking about the fact that you should hire the best web designer on the market (or yes, it depends on you), but rather the design you want for your website. For example, while most people go for a light background for their page, others go for a dark blog with white fonts. Regardless, it should align with the rest of your branding.

Secondly, the design of a blog will determine whether people will continue reading its content. Therefore, the blog must be published in a legible and clear letter with its elements separated from each other.

Quality content

There is a lot (and we mean a loooot) of content around and on many occasions the quality of content is not up to what users expect. Therefore, the first step for your blog to stand out from the rest is to create quality content, regardless of the topic or niche to which it’s directed.

The style can be as you want (more or less informal), but the information you publish must be verified and based on various sources of information. Keep the interest up and make the users read the whole thing!


Once the blog has been designed and the posts that we want to publish have been developed, there are other things that will determine that your blog appears among the first results of search engines. Users will find your blog in search engines so SEO keywords are something you should be thinking about and studying to push your blog.

Generally speaking, keywords are the terms that internet users enter into search engines and from which Google begins to work. For example, to find this blog you may have to look for the terms ‘promote’, ‘blog’ or ‘SEO’ in a search engine. Therefore, keywords play an essential role in the SEO positioning of any website.

Link to other web pages or post

Did you know that hyperlinks play a very important role in SEO positioning? These are links embedded in content that help users jump from one website to another effortlessly, linking to other web pages or posts related to the content that you are going to publish. These tools are especially useful for creators who publish posts on multiple platforms and want the content to be linked.

Social media…duh!

Obviously, our favourite part of the whole blog process. In addition to receiving visits through search engines, your blog posts should be shared through other communication channels such as social media platforms. Therefore, using social channels (Twitter, Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn…) to spread the content that you have created will help increase visits to your website and, overall, improve positioning.

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