How to provoke good LinkedIn discussions

Given that 66% of UK professionals are now on LinkedIn, the platform offers considerable B2B marketing opportunities to companies. There are numerous ways firms can benefit from LinkedIn, one of which is participation in group discussions. Good questions provoke lively exchange of views and promote the public profile of the initiator of the discussion. But what sorts of questions provoke good discussions?

Let’s have a look…

1. Yes or No Questions

Sometimes simplicity is the right approach. A yes/no question on a topic that people are likely to disagree on may provide a fruitful debate.


2. Two options

Similarly to a yes/no question, giving people a clear selection of options may be the right way to go. Especially if people are likely to think there should be a third option.


3. Personal benefit

As shown in the example below, people are likely to get involved in discussions that may provide personal benefit in the form of publicity and networking opportunities.


4. Controversy

Depending on the industry and context, slight controversy may kick-start an engaging online conversation.


5.  Invitation to contribute

The example below is a humorous and original request for contribution on which most people are likely to have an opinion.


6. Celebrity

Social media destroys the barriers between the public and celebrities. Providing virtual access to well-known figures, even industry leaders, can bring great response.



What sorts of questions are you likely to engage with?

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