How to see what someone likes on Instagram?

You must have seen a few apps on the web that claim to show you how to see other people’s likes on Instagram. In fact, when the platform was launched, there was a relatively simple process to see what other people were doing on the channel. Users were able to go to ‘Likes’ section, pick the “Following” tab within the app, and then view recent activity. However, in 2019 due to personal data privacy concerns, this option was removed.

Snoopreport is believed to be the only legitimate Instagram user activity tracking tool that actually works in the current market. Over 26,000 users subscribe to one of the app’s plans, which are applicable to both personal, small business, and professional purposes.

But why would we want to see someone’s likes on Instagram?

Social media is a virtual landscape where users post content and engage in conversations. These discussions and interactions are opportunities to identify potential customers for businesses. For individuals, this information allows you to gain insights into who someone is, what they prefer, or the people they’d like to get to know. Here are a few more reasons why tracking likes on Instagram might be helpful for your needs:

Generate new leads

Similar to how search engines are used nowadays, people research information on social media. The hashtags, comments, and likes left behind from a person’s activities can help you get an idea of their current interests based on which users can then develop and tailor their keywords and hashtags accordingly.

Identify advocates

User interactions on Instagram can help businesses find those who could be brand advocates for their organisations. Today’s influencers have direct connections to customers, allowing them to interact with brands or products through recommendations. Identifying those influencers based on their activities and monitoring their engagement would allow you to track performance results and measure success against KPIs.

Real-time feedback

Monitoring social interactions can give you more ideas about building products, services, or content. The feedback is meaningful, so you can deliver a better understanding of your expected audience, making it easier to optimise future marketing efforts. 

Is Instagram part of your marketing channel strategy? What keywords and hashtags should you use? Don’t sweat it out – we can help you find out! Feel free to reach out and contact us for a quick chat to learn more.

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