How to set up a winning social programme with your agency

There’s no doubt that engaging an agency to support on your social media efforts can have countless positive effects on your business – you can tap into subject matter experts, leverage a team of experienced creatives, and deliver thumb stopping campaigns (to name a few). But finding a rhythm with an agency isn’t always seamless, as it involves multiple stakeholders and ways of working.

We’ve pulled together a list of must-do’s when setting up a programme with a new agency:

Align on goals and audience

This is a vital step when setting up a new programme and needs to be determined both with the agency and with internal stakeholders. Is your programme driving traffic, or is it a brand awareness piece? Are you targeting business owners, or department decision makers? These are all questions that need to be finalised and set in a formal strategy plan. This not only keeps the programme on track, but also acts at a reference point when reflecting on the success of the campaign

Set timeframes and regular calls

At IF, one of our first steps when kicking off a new project is to set clear deliverables and timeframes. We do this through a Gantt chart, which can be signed off by both agency and client. Regular check-ins are also crucial to remain on track throughout the programme.

Develop a benchmark report

Be sure your new agency creates a benchmark report before commencing any activities. It’s important to know your average Engagement Rate, CTR and follower count before kicking off anything new. This allows both the agency and the client to see the impact and results of working together.

Get creative

No matter how big or small the project is, it’s always good to get a collaborative session in to brainstorm ideas. The agency may be full of creatives, but you’ll know your business inside and out. This step is crucial in producing innovative campaigns.

Establishing a new agency programme has its challenges, but it’s well worth it in the long run. If you’re interested in understanding more about the process, drop us a note.

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