How to write an effective Facebook ad

Having a hard time writing Facebook ad copy?


The truth is that Facebook Ad copy is essential if we want our ads to convert. A lot of the time we write the first thing that comes to mind. But, if we want to write the best Facebook ad, we have to do a research phase.


In this blog, I’m going to tell you some Facebook Ads tricks. So, let’s get to it and explore the different tips that you can apply when advertising on social media:

  • Identify your ideal customer. If you don’t know who you are writing for, you are lost.
  • Make your value proposition clear. It must be a specific and concrete proposal of who you are or what you do.
  • Define what emotion you want to activate. What do we want to obtain? What is our goal? Is it a brand awareness campaign? Depending on what your goal is, you will have to target different emotions.
  • Your ad must be understandable, specific, and concrete. Your message must be very direct.
  • Focus on a single idea. It is useless to list a lot of benefits. The human being has limited attention.
  • Test and measure. Test A / B.


There are different copy techniques that you can apply in your texts, but the important thing is to understand each element. To write the perfect copy for Facebook Ads you must consider 5 elements:

Image or video: The image is the most important element when it comes to capturing the reader’s attention. Real images are much more successful than stock images. Take advantage of text on an image or video to reinforce the message but avoiding repeating the same words that you already have in the headline or descriptions.

Headline: This is the second factor that users notice when seeing a Facebook ad. It must capture the user’s attention and define the main idea of the ad. Be careful not to repeat the same phrase at the beginning of the text and in the headline. Repeat the same idea but play with the words and add a different text.

Body text: The general description that appears at the top of the ad is the factor that triggers the memory the most. So, it is important that those 90 characters are effective if you want to impact your target audience. When writing it, keep the following in mind:

  • The first 90 characters are the most important
  • Includes a hook that invites users to continue reading
  • Be clear about the goal you want to achieve
  • Make a clear value proposition.

Description: The description of your Facebook ad is found right below the headline. To optimise this part of the ad, you must reiterate the message, but not the words, add more information about your offer, highlight the main idea, and reveal any other benefits of your offer.

CTA: You must make it clear what you want the person to do when they see your ad and choose the button that suits your offer (Shop Now, Sign Up, Subscribe, Book Now, Contact Us). When in doubt, choose “Learn More“, unless it’s a direct purchase option. The “Learn More” CTA is the one that receives the most visits compared to other possibilities (register, buy now, etc.)


If you want more information on how to write effective Facebook ads, contact us now!


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