Planning your Content Calendar

As the year rolls on, the seasons start to change and before you know it you’ve turned around and it’s august already. It’s important to tie content to key dates throughout the year, this makes your brand feel current and it rewards your loyal followers with relevant content. (The research shows time and time again that the biggest reason for people unfollowing a brand or company is irrelevant posts, but that’s another topic for another blog post.)

Here at IF we have regular meetings where we look forward to key dates throughout the next few months and discuss ideas for content and posts. This could be something general and far ranging like summer drinks content, or specific and tied to a national day like Children’s Art Day (July 6th if you were wondering.) Additionally, once you’ve made your great plans on what you’re going to post about throughout the year, it can be really useful to come up with a content calendar. Our good friends over at Social Media Today have put together a handy infographic. I will summarise the most pertinent points below. Take a look!

  1. Decide on your content type

Before you can hit publish you have to decide what content you want to post. Sounds obvious really, but it isn’t always when you get down to it. Remember to keep your content relevant, attention-grabbing and personal.

2. Have a brainstorming session

As I mentioned above, it can be really useful to link up with your marketing team to decide what content strategy you want to use

3. Use different research tools

Social media is a big space with lots of conversations happening all at once. It can be super useful to take a step back and survey the broad trends of the sector before you step back in to making your content plan.

I have barely scratched the surface here,  there are a wealth of good points over on the full infographic which you can see over here. If you ever want to get in touch about creating a content calendar, or just to have a friendly chat about social media we’re all ears. You can find our contact details on the immediate future website

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