If you like it then you gotta put a screen on it!

In a world where the constant battle to strive to make things smaller and smaller seems to be never ending, the boys (and girls!?) over at Tiny Circuits have created a miniature screen that you can put on…well…basically anything. At an inch across (diagonally), the TinyScreen is a ‘full-colour display the size of your thumb’!

The tiny screen comes with four control buttons, its own circuitry and multiple, simple click add-ons, but the most impressive – and for me, exciting – thing is the open source app platform that seamlessly integrates with android and iOS devices. The screen allows for push notifications, which means that you can integrate into your phone or other device apps, including social platforms and create your own wearable tech, speedo or any other usable device. In terms of social media and marketing, the TinyScreen could be used to send push notifications or tweets to marketing collateral given away at an event, bringing perfect synchrony to the online/offline barrier and making social physical. This is just one of many ways that the TinyScreen could be used in a digital marketing environment, limited only really by your imagination (and budget) as marketers.

TinyScreen are currently on Kickstarter and picking up loads of press from the likes of Techcrunch, very excited to see what the future brings from this new and innovative start up!

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