Improve your Social Media Strategy

Gosh January was a long month wasn’t it? between the freezing weather, dark evenings and various strikes it felt like we were rushing to keep up in the first month of 2023. As the evenings start to brighten up, and those calendars start to fill up, it can be a good idea to blow out the cobwebs and brush up your social media market tools. Look no further than this blog post. The good folks over at MDG Advertising have created this handy infographic. You can see their infographic below and read on for our analysis and break down.

So what goes into a good social media strategy? The stages break down as folllows

They break down the eight parts of a good social media strategy as follows:




Paid media

Content Development

Customer Response

Compliance and risk assessment


Strategy – understand business goals, build audience profiles and customer funnels. You have to identify who you’re marketing to. This will mean your content is high quality and relevant to your audience

Auditing – it can be important to evaluate the performance of your content across networks and adjust your approach accordingly

Technology – It can be useful to have tool to monitor your success, like brandwatch, and influencer outreach tracking tools

Paid media – a lot of clients think you can be successful with solely organic performance

content development – this is where it can be good to go back to your audience I.D. this section is all about developing your content, making sure your copy and visuals are on point.

Customer response – work with tech platforms to monitor engagements set up systems to interact with customers

Compliance and risk assessment – oft overlooked, this area involves making sure that you are within copyright and that your content adheres to the clients brand guidelines. And making plans for those rainy days where everything goes wrong and you have to respond to crises client-side.

I hope this has helped freshen up your social marketing strategy and if you would like to talk strategy or anything social -media related then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can find our contact details on the IF website.

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