Instagram is no baby anymore. It has grown so fast. How fast?

500 million users in about 6 years.

In the past few weeks, we have been talking a lot about Instagram’s main competitor: Snapchat. So it’s about time we show a little bit of love to Facebook’s “little” sibling.

While the news 500mil news filled feeds of many, one announcement didn’t really get the attention it deserved. At least from the marketing perspective. We are well aware that the ever-changing Facebook ad platform is build to deliver value through flexibility, very detailed targeting, experimentation and complexity (which has brought some challenges for some, victories for others). It’s also no secret that ad revenue is key to Facebook’s survival. To keep and expand on their current advertiser base, Facebook announced the launch of Creative Hub – an interactive hub where advertisers can share, review, test and create ads for Facebook and Instagram.

Many advertisers and brands have struggled to deliver ‘the right ads’ not only for desktop but mainly for mobile. But this platform could be quite ground-breaking as it encourages behavior that is key to stellar results and innovation. It encourages experimentation. And we love that.

Just to finish things off, congrats Instagram. Oh, how have you grown.





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