Instagram Ads launch in the UK

It’s official. Instagram Ads are going live in the UK.

Like Pinterest before them, the photo sharing app is evolving into an advertising hub for social businesses. Having tested sponsored ads with select partners such as Channel 4 and Waitrose, all UK brands will soon have the opportunity to promote their content.

What can you expect to see?

Adverts will start appearing in the main feed of your app, mixed in amongst your network’s selfies. But users won’t be bombarded with promotional content. Instead, sponsored ads will be distinguished by a small, simple logo, which users can choose to hide. As the new feature rolls out, Instagram is giving the option to provide feedback if you think that the ads are not relevant to you. Well a bit of constructive feedback is always good, right?


Global head of business and brand development at Instagram, James Quarles, said: “Images are fast becoming a primary way that people communicate – both the everyday and the spectacular. Our aim is to help brands create ads that feel as natural to Instagram as the photos and videos people already share and enjoy.”

It’s an exciting addition to the platform’s range of features. But I wonder if this will suffer the same response as when Instagram’s parent site Facebook redesigned their news feed for ads?

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