Instagram “Create Mode”?


Instagram has started rolling out a new format for Stories called “Create Mode” which will make all of its tools easier to access and apply.


The current highlight of this mode is the “On This Day” option, similar to Facebook’s ‘Memories’. The feature will show users a post that was posted on that specific day in previous years, which can then be shared in stories with the option for followers to tap through to the original post.


When asked about Create mode, an Instagram spokesperson said, “this new mode helps you combine interactive stickers, drawings and text without needing a photo or video to share . . . On This Day suggests memories and lets you share them via Direct and Stories.”


In ‘Create’, you’ll be able to find all the various creative tools available, rather than having to add them through stickers.


Here’s a glimpse of it at work;



Whilst the update doesn’t feature anything particularly new, it does make it far easier to tap on what you want, rather than having to search through your stickers tab.



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