Instagram is on a roll right now, announcing update after update. And just yesterday they released a new ‘check out’ in-app shopping feature. Yep, your online shopping days has just got a whole lot easier.

Development on the platforms shopping tags means users will now be offered to ‘check out on Instagram’, rather than having the option to view the product on the brand’s webpage. By doing this, the app doesn’t lose out on any users going off on a tangent to shop the latest trends. Instead, they simply purchase a product (mostly by impulse) and then return back to their feeds and continue with their day.

Sneaky, but oh so smart.

Like any new relationship, Instagram’s transition into the e-commerce world is a slow process, because they really want to get it right. Which is why the option is currently only available for 23 brands in the US, such as Adidas and Kylie Cosmetics.

But, how popular is it really going to be?

To make the process easier, and encourage users to continue using this feature, Instagram will save your payment data, so you only have to enter your details once. Helping to eliminate brands frustrations of having empty shopping bags, because consumers can’t be bothered with the repetitive process of adding in their details.

“Once your first order is complete, your information will be securely saved for convenience the next time you shop. You’ll also receive notifications about shipment and delivery right inside Instagram so you can keep track of your purchase.”

Now, I cannot wait to see this feature being rolled out around the world.

For brands, this is a whole new way of increasing sales and is something that should definitely be implemented into future social strategies. Although a slight fee has to be paid to Instagram to be featured, who cares if you’re making a profit because of it?

This is a big step for the app and the evolution of social media and e-commerce relationships.

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