Instagram set to hit the rewind button

With all the algorithm changes, updates and technical twists being rolled out week to week, the big players in the world of social media ensure we are constantly on our toes. These changes may not always be game-changing, but every now and then something comes along which promises to send Twitter into a viral frenzy. And no… before you ask, Twitter isn’t allowing us to edit tweets, that’s one for the future.


However, Instagram is currently testing a little something that will surely please the masses – the testing of a ‘seek bar’ for videos on your regular Instagram feed! Finally, some control of video playback! The ability to rewind, skip forward and not have to decide whether the video in front of you is worth waiting for, perhaps reducing the number of times you hear, ‘well that’s 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back’, as another thumbnail promises the world and delivers nothing but social media dysphoria.


Instead, like on IGTV, users would be able to consume what they want, at their own pace. For users, it seems like a win-win. More power in their hands, in a world where the demand for everything at the click of a finger draws ever closer. For brands producing content, it may mean they have to think more about the type of content they produce, the length of video content and where their key points and messaging lies within their videos. And considering videos can be up to 60 seconds long, this seems like a pretty significant change.


So when will this feature be released? We aren’t sure, but given that it’s in the back-end, it’s more than likely to get a proper roll out at some point!

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