This week Instagram have announced two new updates that will streamline the functionality of the platform, both for personal and business use. The first is a multiple photo upload feature, meaning you can add up to ten photos or videos to your Story at one time. You can edit each individual photo, enhancing with filters, stickers and text as usual.

If you’re a perfectionist, this feature is made for you as it allows you to preview your entire story prior to posting it. It also means waiting for a strong connection to upload your Story is less of an issue, as all your photos and videos will be ready and waiting at the click of a button when your connection is restored.

If you’re a brand, or you work for a brand, this feature will allow you to better plan your Stories and effectively storyboard them before you post, as well as saving you time.

The feature is available on Android now and will be on iOS in the near future. Once available, you should see a new icon (similar to the multiple image upload feature on regular posts) on the “upload media” screen on Stories. The photos and videos will upload in the order you initially select them.


The second update is a new and improved location feature. The new location stickers will make it easier and faster to find the right place and suggest places close to where the photo was captured. This will happen by Instagram reading the photo GPS coordinates.

We know Instagram Stories are already one of the most popular avenues for sharing social content and this doesn’t look set to change, as it’s about to get a whole lot easier and faster.

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