Interesting interests on LinkedIn

Fanfare, please! LinkedIn has finally introduced interest targeting options to their paid campaign manager – three cheers! So all those hashtags you’ve been faithfully adding to organic content and wondering “what exactly is this doing for me?”… wonder no longer, they are indicators for users’ interests of which we advertisers can now take advantage.

At the moment, LinkedIn is seeing some very high levels of engagement, and given that the platform is still growing and getting close to 600m members, there’s no better way to tap into a professional audience. With interest targeting, we have the advantage of reaching those professionals who are arguably more engaged and active in discussing these topics – reach them, and you’re more likely to benefit from them sharing the content, too.

Tailoring campaigns on any social platform is essential – as is a test-and-learn strategy. For LinkedIn, where we rely mostly on users’ profiles being updated. This could mean testing whether to include a job title or not, specifying a company, or not. Interests mean you can find out whether the audience you expect to be engaged with that content on ‘artificial intelligence’ is in fact only ever calling it ‘AI’ in conversation.

We’ll be testing the new interest targeting with our clients to find the best way to use this feature – will you?

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