International Podcast Day!

Today is International Podcast Day! A day to celebrate the power of audio and just how far it’s come in such a short period of time. 

Derived from the infamous iPod, podcasting began back in 2004, (the same year the great IF was born!) and has since grown in enormous popularity around the world. Currently, there are over 2 million podcast series and more than 48 million podcast episodes worldwide And our dearest Serious Social makes up 66 of those! 

Now, 66 may not seem big in a world of 48 million, but since it’s beginning in March 2020, we think we’ve done pretty well! 

So, it’s time for us to celebrate our podcasting achievements and pull together a roundup of some of our podcasts from the past 18 months and the categories we’ve covered!

Data, more data, and lots of it!

  • Going back to the very beginning, Managing Director, CJ, and Associate Director, Belle Lawrence, kicked off the start of Serious Social with their podcast ‘Data is a core component to Social Media success’ – if you didn’t hear it then, or maybe want to listen again, tune in here.
  • Christmas… in July? Yep, that’s right, last year we went Christmas mad before Summer had even properly begun! Katy Howell focused on the rising trends and topics through Brandwatch data in this episode. ‘Ho Ho Ho! Christmas in trending’
  • And finally… the one with our industry benchmark tool! Katy Howell and Belle Lawrence shared the results of over 200 brands that used our industry benchmark tool, to help marketers prepare for 2021 in ‘Battle of the brands’.

Smells like paid…

  • A recent one to kick us off, the one that helped us all but blew our minds at the same time – Dishing the dirt on data. Belle Lawrence explored the iOS14 update and how it was having an effect on Facebook ads.
  • Getting your priorities straight with paid. This episode took a look back at the crazy year that was 2020 and explored ways brands should navigate their paid strategy in 2020 and ultimately understand their priorities.

Content, best practice, and straight-up marketing.

And finally! The platforms themselves!

  • 2021 saw the rise of Clubhouse and we were quick to jump straight in! Katy Howell took to Serious Social to explore the audio-only app and asked whether brands should be dipping their toes in or not, in ‘Is your brand in the club yet?’
  • From organic to paid, to the different types of content, Belle Lawrence was joined by Account Manager, Sophie Shaw, in ’Succeed on TikTok with the IFers’ to explore everything in the world of that crazy app!
  • Last but not least, back to Facebook we go! There are a lot of mistakes that marketers make within Facebook, and ‘What the F? Best practice for Facebook marketing’ hopefully helped prevent them from happening in the future.

With a total of 1,295 downloads so far, the Serious Social podcast is only just beginning. So, join us as we celebrate International Podcast Day and raise a glass to all podcasters, podcast listeners, and even those who are about to tune in – happy listening!

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