Introducing FrontRow…

Never one to go out of focus, FrontRow is the new wearable camera from WiFi product maker, Ubiquiti Networks. The gadget is made up of not one, but two cameras; one on the front and one on the back, so its guaranteed not to miss any of the action. It’s a small device that can be clipped onto clothing, or worn around the neck – the height of fashion! Its android based, and has a touch-screen display so you can run apps off the device. It can take livestream video, and of course has its very own ‘story’ feature – think a fashionable GoPro to record every aspect of your life. You can livestream straight from the camera to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and send photos and videos to your phone via Bluetooth.

The real question is, are you wearing a treasure trove of potential social content around your neck, or are you just wasting a (rather large) sum of money..

Although not for the faint tech-hearted, the positives are obvious – discreet, high-tech, hands free, and the battery is said to last for two hours in live-streaming mode and forty-eight hours in standby mode – that’s more than we can say for those dreaded iPhone batteries.

It could also be said that the FrontRow camera looks pretty visually appealing, far more so than the somewhat garish Snapchat Spectacles.

The negatives…well, the price tag for one. The gadget will set you back a solid $400, which might be eye-watering enough to put you off.

It’s pretty obvious that the FrontRow camera is looking to beat Snapchat Spectacles at their own game. To date, wearable cameras have been few and far between, and it’s fair to say that a vast majority of people enjoy documenting their lives, so the market for them is there. It could be argued that a wearable camera with a touchscreen display, in-built apps, and a live streaming feature for multiple applications, has already trumped Snapchat Specs. You can also stream straight from the camera, rather than having to connect it up with your phone, as you do with Snapchat Specs. However, Snapchat Specs have the Snapchat brand written all over them, and the well-known, recognisable brand is admittedly what people want to buy.

For people that share on social very frequently throughout the day, the FrontRow camera seems to be a winner. However, our trusty smartphones could potentially still be enough for the majority of us. Will it be a winner, or will it stay firmly seated in the back row? We’re yet to be convinced, but only time will tell..

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