Let’s face it, there is a little piece of us that lights up inside when we get a comment, like or retweet on our latest post. The knowledge that what we have to say is being heard, or read, is satisfying and it encourages us to share more. But is this the only way to be popular nowadays?

One in four said that they measure the success of their day by the number of Facebook Likes they receive, and the popularity challenge is never more nerve-wracking than on your birthday. Nowadays you are more likely to receive a Facebook comment than an actual card; a survey of 1,000 individuals by One4All proves that people prefer to post birthday greetings to friends online.

Never one to miss an opportunity, as last year’s purchase of Instagram and the recent rumour of buying Waze for $1 billion suggest, Facebook already launched a ‘real’ gift service which lets users buy and send physical gifts to their friends. This is linked to birthday reminders on your profile. So, is it a worthwhile service? Will it relieve the pressure of remembering to buy birthday presents? Or will it just be a new way of measuring how popular you are by the number of gifts you receive?


Would you like to use Facebook to send or receive gifts? Let us know what you think!

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