Is Snap bringing it back?

Much like Westlife, Snap is also trying to make a comeback 2019. Yes, we know it’s a stretch, but hear us out!

A recent report commissioned by Snap reveals the real emotions and feelings that users have around their social media apps, straight from the horse’s mouth. Themes in the news around social media can sometimes be pretty negative, but there are two sides to everything.

Those keywords around Snapchat usage are overwhelmingly positive, which comes as no surprise when you read that the reason users tap on that app is to have “conversations between close friends, as well as for playing with Filters and Lenses.” It also shows that Snap, followed by Twitter, is most used when “on-the-go, commuting, socializing, and shopping”.

We’ve seen in the news that Snap Inc is on the rocks, with shares and stock plummeting. If they’re trying to make a comeback by driving advertising growth and revenue, the little ghost needs to do a little more than commission reports. It’s all well and good to show rainbows and happiness that Snap users experience, but they need to get more brands onboard to spend ad budget. How is this going to bring the platform back into the picture for brands?

Well, brands need to see users. This report just isn’t going to deliver on that. To attract better usage, users need to see improvements to the app and new features. Yes, the existing users might be having a whale of a time, but Snap needs to work on spreading that message far and wide, and doing more to increase their userbase.

The report shows plenty more information around why, how when and where people use Snap, and also Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. This is a really useful read for brands to reconsider the platforms they are using. Are these really the best ones to be focusing on? Is there a better option out there? Which feelings do they want to be associated with their content? For example, Facebook makes some people feel informed. If your brand is about informing your audience, it’d be bizarre if you didn’t have a presence on Facebook or Twitter.

So, go forth, and use this report to your advantage. Have a think about the platforms you’re using and the emotions and activities that you want to surround your brand. And jokes aside, we really do have our fingers crossed for Snap Inc to bring it back. (We’re kinda rooting for Westlife too )

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