Ever wondered where all those ‘new’ competition entries are coming from on your brand page? Is there a way to attract new page fans that aren’t simply ‘gamers’ but real fans of your brand or product and not simply there for the competition. (Yes, there are people who spend their time only looking for Facebook competitions and even have separate profiles to use for playing)

There are several ways to engage Facebook users in brand or product competitions and contests without infringing the ever-changing agenda of Facebook brand page promotion guidelines, rules and directives.

After more recent changes to contest rules users can still ‘like’ a post, ‘comment’ on a post or even message the page to enter’, but you cannot ask entrants to do secondary activities such as share a page, share the contest or tag a photo to enter.

For example, it is now a legal requirement of a page competition entrant to have ‘liked’ your page before entering! Double win, yes, but this was previously frowned upon by Facebook as bad practice. However, a ‘page like’ does not automatically enter you into a competition, this is against the rules.

To avoid these narrow technicalities, Socially Stacked have kindly produced a handy infographic for Inside Facebook to help guide you through your next brand page promotion and maybe even inspire some extra creativity around how you pitch your next page contest.

Image credit – Socially Stacked


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