In a world plagued by ads, cut-through is king!

We all know there is loads of noise and we all know that you need to break through the noise, especially in social, to be heard….old news…boring. What gets everyone excited now is personalisation. There is such a massive opportunity to serve people relevant and personalised content that speaks directly to them through smart use of social, behavioural data and content optimisation.

This ties in beautifully to a message that we have been banging the drum about for ages at IF – being audience first. If you are not close to your audience, understanding their needs – how on earth do you expect to serve messages that resonate and drive action? Marketing insider covered it off in a simple but precise article that says you must “Identify your customers, understand their preferences and customise your content”. Although simple, this sentiment covers the basics of what it requires to personalise effectively.

Living proof

It is not just make-believe – Jivox conducted research showing that CTR is over 3 times higher on personalised ads.


Reference: Jivox.com

Getting personalised

Here are three ways that you might want to start throwing into the mix to get truly personalised with content:

1. Test and prove

By running test campaigns through social you have direct access to real-time, live data that you can begin to churn and segment to understand you audience by region, sex, age and interest.

2. Tag and measure

By tagging up content by theme, topic, type, format, size and any other variable you can imagine, you are able to flip that data to truly understand which content resonates – match that with audience data and you are on your way to marketing gold.

3. Use some tech

There are some pretty impressive pieces of tech out there that help you personalise content effectively and serve it to the right people. One I’ve personally been impressed with recently is Viant – who talk about people based marketing solutions and serving personalised media through their cloud – their identity management platform is especially cool.

So the key takeways: don’t be afraid to test, try, and most importantly, ADAPT what you are doing.

Good luck

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