It’s a W.hole neW. W.orld

It goes without saying that the internet has greatly revolutionised society, the way we live and interact with the world and each other. However, it’s hard to believe just how young the internet really is. It’s only just over 10 years ago we were starting to use high-speed broadband, instead of the annoyingly slow dial-up that ran at a snail’s pace. From desktops and smartphones to driver-less cars and Google Glass, almost anything can now be connected. The internet is one huge global network and plays an essential role in our day-to-day lives.

Social driving the shift

In less than a decade, social media has been a real game changer in transforming consumer behaviour, offering new and meaningful ways to engage with the people and brands that matter to us most. The way we digest and share information has shifted, and we have an insatiable appetite for information – did you know that Google receives a colossal 5.92 billion searches per day?

What’s more, consumers accessing social media via mobile has rocketed, as time spent using smartphones now surpasses Web usage, with Britons spending an immense 41 hours on their smartphones to access social media! The internet has truly become an integral part of our daily lives… It’s enormous, take a look at the below infographic by Uberflip to see what’s going on with the internet:

A Day In The Life Of The Internet

©  “We love Internet”. Photo by Kristina Alexanderson. Attribution 2.0 Generic


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