It’s ok to slow down


In recent months, the workplace has shifted more than we’ve ever experienced. Some have found this shift towards remote working productive, while others have found it unmotivating; no employee experience is the same and we’re all scrambling to adjust to the new normal.

And while information is available and frequent on how to handle this change in dynamics – with free resources, online webinars, support groups and activities at our fingertips – there’s one message that isn’t always as apparent: it’s ok to slow down. Both personally and professionally.

Slowing down doesn’t mean being unproductive. Rather, it’s about giving yourself the time to reassess and re-evaluate your efforts.

What does this mean for social media marketers?

Social media doesn’t stop. No matter how hard you work, the feeds keep filling up and it’s important that marketers stay on top of their game. But in recent months, we’ve had to pivot. Campaigns have been nixed, events cancelled and everything we planned for in 2020 has gone out the window.

Keeping pace and continuing with the status quo is no longer a successful tactic because audiences now expect more and are looking for brands to show empathy and emotional connections.

Examples of this can be seen in COVID-19 statements (not surprisingly). We’ve seen a lot of brands, and we mean A LOT, get it wrong simply because they’ve rushed something out the door without reflecting on how it will sit with audiences. Pepsi and Walmart got this wrong recently, when they erected a co-branded sign advertising a COVID-19 testing site. A move like this won’t go down well with audiences on social media and you end up worse off than you started.

But with time and thoughtfulness, even the worst news can be delivered in a meaningful way. Co-Founder and CEO Brian Chesky of Airbnb showed this in his statement and subsequent communications announcing the size reduction of the organisation’s workforce. His statement, which included a transparent explanation and support for leaving employees, made it clear that this was not a rushed decision and that he took time to formulate his message and more importantly, his actions.

People will remember how brands connected with their audiences during this time. So, it’s ok to slow down and refocus to make sure you’re getting it right.

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