It’s time for a reshuffle


Before we begin, I need to ask you a simple yet divisive question.

How much do you care about the look of your Instagram profile?

The answer to this has changed over the years, being crucial in the early days where people would comment on the aesthetic of your profile and how your posts would work as a cohesive whole. Those days are long gone, with many accounts not phased by this and choosing to focus more on singular content.

There are a few exceptions to this, with brands cultivating a profile aesthetic that flows from post to post to achieve a profile viewing experience that truly amazes (Aldi UK being a prime example). Now, if I were to answer this question a few years ago, I would have said that having an Instagram profile that stays consistent is crucial for an overall brand image, but that has changed over the years for more post by post basis, obviously still sticking to brand guidelines.

With Instagrams’ newest feature update, we might be able to live the best of both worlds… Instagram is testing a new option that would enable users to re-arrange their profile photo grid, formatting their previously posted images into any order of their choice. The new ‘Edit Grid’ option would be displayed in your profile settings, enabling you to re-arrange your profile gallery as you choose, regardless of when each was posted.

I can foresee this being used in various ways ranging from having a specific section on your profile or having specific posts pinned to the top of your profile. This could open the doors to a whole new wave of aesthetically pleasing profiles, while also offering practical use for brands to highlight posts or segment them to group relevant content.

We will wait and see if they give this the green light, but what would you do with this feature if it comes to the app?

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