Things are going great for Katy Perry as of late and with more than 3.5 million followers on Twitter, the ‘California girl’ isn’t afraid of using a little social media to create some online buzz around her new album, Teenage Dream.

Record label Capitol came up with a cool little PR stunt to get fans gossiping about her latest release by printing a candy scent onto the records booklet coinciding with the singer’s cotton candy themed album.

Katy Perry is currently the eleventh most followed user on Twitter so it’s not difficult for the singer to inject a message straight into the heart of her ever growing fan base.

By posting a YouTube video on Twitter about the way her candy smelling album was constructed just days before its release, Perry managed to create online chatter and get an influx of new users subscribing to her YouTube channel.

Celebrities such as Katy Perry have a guaranteed pool of Twitter followers that they can communicate with anytime anywhere.

Katy has no doubt recognised that social media is an effective way of creating conversations about her products and generating online buzz. By getting the star of your show involved and using social media platforms to reach advocates, brands can drive mass interest in a product.

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