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It’s always a busy start to the year at IF Towers with our client presence at CES and related activity (if you read Mark’s CES post you’ll know!).  None more so this year as exciting projects begin with another client, Ubisoft.

We started working with Ubisoft just before Kinect for Xbox was about to launch.  The brief?  To help promote one of their lead games on Kinect, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

In the run up to Kinect’s official launch, as Ubisoft’s social media agency, we supported the in house PR team with an event to showcase the game organised at London’s Soho Hotel.  Hiring a rather fancy suite (which P Diddy hired earlier in the year) gave us the chance to invite key influencers from sectors such as girly gamer, male and female lifestyle, fitness and Mummy.

The response was great.  Not to mention resulting coverage, tweets and inclusions of #yourshape.  In the run up to the event, and on the day itself, we found many bloggers talking to each other about their invites!  ‘You off to Ubisoft’s Your Shape event’ tweeted one Mummy blogger to another.  ‘Yes, I am actually.  Look forward to seeing you there’, she tweeted back.

So what’s the game all about?  Your Shape uses camera tracking technology via the Kinect to completely change the fitness experience, providing an unprecedented level of accuracy and efficiency.  Using Kinect it actually puts your body into the game for the ultimate fitness experience.

This is why we say it’s been a busy start.  What better time to start our next wave of activity around a fitness game than the New Year?

We’re currently working with a number of influencers across parenting and fitness on reviews of Your Shape.  There have been some brilliant posts so far.  You can see the first few on sites like Being a Mummy and A Mother’s Ramblings.

As well as partnering with other key influencers to offer great prize packages, we’ll also be promoting the downloadable content (or DLC) shortly.

The experience of working with such a variety of influencers, targeting different audiences, to promote such a game for Ubisoft has been brilliant.  It shows us that social media proves a valuable communication channel when it comes to organising events and spreading the word.  Not to mention seeing spheres of influencers such as Mummy bloggers interlinking and interacting with each other’s review posts, creating more opportunities to spread word of mouth about Your Shape.

Keep checking back on our website for a full case study of our Ubisoft campaign.

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