King Content and Queen Data


Once upon a time, there was a King and a Queen. They weren’t any ordinary King and Queen. They were special, because together, they ruled over all of Social Media land.

Forgive me, I read a lot of bedtime stories to my two under three-year olds and we watch a lot of Pixar’s and Dreamworks’ movies. This weekend made me realise that the framework of all great children’s stories is the same as what’s needed for your social plan. Ok, so how many of you just raised an eyebrow? Bear with me. I shall begin.

Firstly, we need a hero and a heroine. Unfortunately, as has happened over time, the male hero is widely known, whereas the heroin graces us with an understated brilliance – yet, when we discover exactly what she does and the importance of her work, we all realise she should be heralded on par with our stories’ hero. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, King Content and Queen Data.

King Content is a bold fellow. He has an alluring demeanour that evokes positive and trustful thoughts. His stories are compelling and his popularity is unquestioned. As with most men, he isn’t perfect. One of his many flaws being a horrific sense of direction. He doesn’t possess a Sat Nav and true to his gender, asking for directions just isn’t an option. Our fabled storyteller, however expressive and exhilarating he may be, is unable to find his way to his waiting audience.

Enter stage left, Queen Data. She’s incredibly intellectual and has a scientific approach to her work. There is structure and order; her taxonomy of what, why, where and how she is doing something is clear. Furthermore, she knows when best to do it and after a little thinking (analysis) time, she’s also able to identify themes and topics, to discuss.

Sadly, Queen Data isn’t happy. As with our King, she also possesses flaws. Her prime flaw being she isn’t expressive with her stories. She isn’t able to cultivate alluring tails that foster warm and positive thoughts.

One morning, whilst King Content was stumbling around, trying to find his way, Queen Data had an idea.

“Lets help each other out” said Queen Data.

King Content replied: “Help, I don’t need help. I’m bold and colourful. People ALWAYS listen to me”

Queen Data asserted: “My love, you might be great at telling stories, but you’re about as useful as that Captain Slow, of old Top Gear fame, when it comes to finding your way. Allow me to show you who you should be speaking to, when is best to speak to them, the themes and topics they’re interested in and how best to catch them. Then, you can apply the wonderful creative stories you possess and everyone will be happy.”

King Content took a moment and realised this advice was rather helpful.

“Ok” said King Content.

Sure enough, King Content found his way to his audience and everyone got to see and hear his wonderful stories. In fact, he could not have imagined just how many people got to hear his stories. His popularity grew to a size of which he had only ever dreamed. From that day forth, King Content and Queen Data worked together and everyone lived happily ever after.

The half-scientist, half-artist approach, may be a little clichéd, but trust us, it truly works. We live this every day at IF.


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