As the end of 2013 draws in, many brands are on a last minute drive to turbocharge their social media activity, capitalising in on the festive season to spark growth.  Christmas presents fantastic opportunities for creative campaigns and competitions, sure fire ways to drive new fans and followers.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share this infographic by Wishpond which I stumbled across today – The Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Facebook Likes. Growth tactics cited include contests, like-gated coupons, like-gated ebooks and use of like buttons across digital platforms; all coupled with Facebook paid media activity.

Driving Facebook page growth is important, and can be very valuable when you successfully build an engaged community. However, we must remember that for that growth to be valuable, you need to be focusing on acquisition of your target audiences and customers. Growth for the sake of growth does not drive results.

Enjoy the infographic.

Infographic created by Wishpond

Infographic created by Wishpond

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