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Coca-Cola Reaches 50 Million

Coca-Cola has always had a good grasp of how to market itself and communicate well with its fans. On social media it engages well with its fans in a direct and ‘authentic’ manner. In doing so, it’s little surprise they became the first brand to reach over 50 million likes on Facebook. Such a volume of likes is usually reserved for media personalities such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Their closest competitor brand wise is Disney and they are a good 20 million likes behind them.

What companies can learn from Coke

Many companies can learn a lot from Coke’s approach to social media. It has been thought that Coke’s success lies in its ‘effective story telling platform’ and ability to connect to fans directly, by using effective social strategies to spark engagement. They have been effective in establishing the right tone across various social platforms and most importantly have been efficient.

Derek Edmound’s article on highlights the importance of social media to B2B business. He states that although more B2B companies plan to increase the budget allocated to social media, there is still room for companies to invest more into social media. Additionally he argues that social media content strategies can be improved.


Edmound identifies that brands’ are “pushing the wrong objectives in social media, both platform and B2B marketing specific, will likely lead to ineffectiveness and potentially set the team responsible up for failure in the long-term.”

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Developments from Social Media platforms

Social media platforms are increasingly becoming friendlier towards brands and marketing. With Facebook and Twitter allowing targeted posts and the price of Twitter promoted posts being slashed to allow smaller brands to establish a presence on social media. It’s never been easier to enhance your brand’s social media profile. Moreover platforms are making it easier for brands to create more apps and features to make profiles more interactive, which increases engagement.

If done correctly the results can be phenomenal. Coca-Cola’s achievement of reaching 50 million likes on Facebook is a brilliant example of a B2B company harnessing social media effectively.


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