Latest Social Advertising Developments

We have had mixed news recently around online advertising, with some sites focusing more heavily on their advertising offering, whilst other businesses are popping up to block ads from customers devices… So you know what’s been happening recently, take a look at the latest developments here:

Simplified Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook LogoIt was announced yesterday that Facebook will significantly simplify their ad offering, making it even easier for advertisers. Previously you were asked to choose from a range of ad options, however, advertisers will now be asked their objectives (sales conversion, likes, brand awareness etc…) before proceeding to set up their ads.

Pinterest’s Promoted Pins

  • Pinterest LogoFrom September, Pinterest announced their ‘promoted pins’. This allows businesses to pay for certain pins to show at the top of search results and category feed. For now however, promoted pins will not appear at the top of a users news feed.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

  • LinkedIn LogoWith Facebook offering Sponsored posts and Twitter their Sponsored Tweets, LinkedIn recently launched their own version of Sponsored Updates. This is for brands, so they can target their users and will appear on a members homepage feed.

Online Ad Blocker

  • We see ads everywhere online, websites, music, games, videos… But now, there’s a new device called AdTrap, which will look to block ads from appearing. This is a box which plugs into your wireless and can also be enabled on your mobile phone. But what does this mean for companies? The device is $139 and so this doesn’t mean that ads will suddenly be seen by no one, in fact, since its release, some advertising representatives have approached the company, to “work together to have a happy medium.”

Are you interested in running social advertising for your business? Let us know your key questions, or take a look at more information, tips and advice here.

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