Lens Studio – with love from Snapchat


Snapchat have now made it possible to create your own AR lens. By launching a new desktop app that can be used on both Mac and Windows, Snapchat intend to make it easy to create AR objects and experiences on top of the geo-filters we all love!

Snapchat have come a long way since the first launch of AR lenses back in 2015 and it looks like 2018 is going to be a year filled with many more advanced variations! Previously, only Snapchat could update lenses but now creators can personalise these experiences and this is where brands come in. The usability of the App seems simple and even without advanced knowledge in 3D & AR, users can get help from the guides and have a stab. Being the initiator, Snapchat has had to work hard but competing with the likes of Facebook isn’t easy who recently launched an AR studio in open beta.

Instead of depending on their own designers, Snapchat have also partnered with a number of agencies who work in AR development, helping them to serve more brands.


How it works:

  • Download the Lens Studio App on your desktop.
  • Checkout the templates and guides included to help you.
  • Upload your artwork – this has to be a 3D image that must be previously created in another app.
  • Using Lens Studio’s program, you can animate your 3D image with movement.
  • This can then be submitted to Snapchat for their approval.
  • Once approved, the lens can be shared with your friends and followers




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