#LFW #BAFTAS and #BRITs2014 – A week of social media furore

Furore in the capital this week has been combined across several major awards and industry events. The Baftas, The Brit Awards and as you may have noticed on your Twitter trends or Pinterest boards; London Fashion week. Brands, labels and designers galore compete for their annual chance to set precedence for their commercial year by nurturing virility and sensationalism around their brand, engaging key trend spotters from blogger to journalist. The time of year is not only great for the combined events but each year events of international focus like these three tend to push the boundaries of digital that little bit further.

This year we see The Brit Awards introduce Twitter voting. For each nomination Twitter fans will be able to cast a single vote toward their intended musician. Its one vote per Twitter profile, however, some of the nominees are vastly more popular on Twitter than others leaving little question as to who will dominate the social voting sphere in terms of sheer numbers, aside from a more democratic deserve.

The #Baftas; in most part a wealth of live social media debate and ‘as-it-happen’s’ commentary alongside livestreams of red carpet and E! online ‘mini-cam’ and crowd level Vines and Tom Hanks admirable Selfie habit. Celebrity attendees were also offered the chance to use the ever popular Red Carpet Twitter Mirror, designed to tweet an exclusive Seflie out to Bafta Twitter followers. The awards themselves are also beginning to recognise social platforms as an artistic medium proposing a new category of Social Media Gaming in the coming year.

London Fashion week is also a huge innovator in digital media, adopting some of the webs most cutting edge and most popular platforms to deliver a plentiful array of stop frame, hi-res image and video content. As well as live-streaming, site specific social walls, live twitter based Q+A industry panels and social media exclusives (just for the followers). Reports of Marks and Spencer gaining valuable footing in the social conversation, past champions of fashion social Burberry, Topshop and Matthew Williamson are not far behind with some of the most shared content this week (Header Vine is the New Matthew Williamson Collection). Here are some of the Highlights of one of the busiest weeks in Global Fashion.  As the sectors grow ever more fluid in their use of digital channels and fuelling social engagement, innovation of new media and pushing digital creativity can only move to even more exciting applications and digital events.

Here are some of the Vine Highlights from London Fashion Week

Topman Virtual Reality catwalk

Daisy Lowe Introduces the British Fashion Council Q+A session with Questions Tweeted in and 6 second Vines sent as answers

Burberry Introduces their new Bloomsbury Bag and showcase celebs on their catwalk front row

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