Lies, gluttony, greed and bad sales…


What sins have you committed in the past week? Have you told a lie… or a couple? “That pitch you did James was fantastic! I really believe you can take the company somewhere far!”

Maybe you’re greed lead you to have more on your plate then you can digest.

As we enter a busy Christmas period you may find your sales pitches are just falling flat. Surprisingly desperation shows to us consumers. Whether you lied or was little envious, Frankly I don’t care. Just avoid these seven deadly sins of selling to avoid impacting your customers.

  1. How many times have you told others to listen! But are you truly listening to yourself? Selling is about solving a problem that benefits your customers. Take some time to absorb the information they share, so you can suggest a solution.
  2. Don’t waste time! Getting to the heart of the matter saves valuable time. So do research and streamline your pitch.
  3. People can smell insincerity like a dog can smell fear. So use your social platforms as a way to sincerely engage your customers. Yes, we are talking to you, email marketers!
  4. Don’t avoid social this is where your customers are! Build important relationships across these channels.
  5. Work harder is great you may find that you have been doing this, but working smarter you will find will be greatly beneficial.
  6. You wouldn’t leave your card on the table and walk away…So don’t start a sales pitch and not follow up.  Most of your sales are made from five or more contacts.
  7. Not asking for referrals. If you have delivered a fantastic pitch experience to your customers then 83%* of them will be willing to provide a referral.

So as you commit sins throughout the next month, just avoid those seven!












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