LinkedIn continues to walk on the path of success


LinkedIn have reached a milestone 200 million users this week. An impressive stat for any social media site. Perhaps not quite in the same league as Facebook who have 1 billion active monthly users, but definitely catching up with Twitter who have around 500 million registered users (although only around 200 million are active). Linkedin has grown quickly considering in 2011 it had 100 million users – in fact the platform now has 2 new users signing up every second! And LinkedIn shows no sign of slowing down as it joins other social media platforms, such as Pinterest, in huge growth over the last year, broadening the social market and taking on Facebook and Twitter’s dominance in the field.

Over 200 million people now use LinkedIn

Facebook has over 1 billion users

Twitter has 200 million active members

LinkedIn may contribute some of this success to the authority they hold as a professional network. The services that the platform provides aren’t just for looking through your friend’s holiday photos or seeing what X is having for lunch via Twitter but for meaningful connections, fantastic networking potential, career prospects and insightful discussions.

LinkedIn underwent several big changes in 2012 including a new layout, endorsements, top influencers and better mobile and iPad apps.  More than ever, LinkedIn is being used by jobseekers and head-hunters alike. Last year saw everyone tightening up their Facebook privacy to stop potential employees stumbling upon our unflattering Christmas party photos and force them to look at LinkedIn profiles where our CV, endorsements and ‘best angle’ would win over the new boss. LinkedIn therefore became the network with a difference; it has purpose and could potentially help carve out your career path.


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For more stats take a look at our previous blog post looking at who is on LinkedIn and how they are using it.


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