LinkedIn posts ideas for every day of the week

Running out of ideas on what posts to share on LinkedIn? Looking to create something engaging that would also perform well on the professional social network?

Don’t sweat it! Here are a few quick wins for content you can share every day in a week. Check out the full infographic here for more details.

  1. Post a growth hack – You can relate the post to what your organisation has achieved, what you’ve learnt and how it’s impacted your employees.
  2. Share an interesting stat – Who doesn’t love good stats that would make them sit and think? It’ll also help to spark conversations with your audience.
  3. Share one of your brand stories – Be inspirational! Talk about how your products or services have helped customers.
  4. Share something from a book you’ve read – Everyone loves a good book. Make sure to share some thoughtful quotes that your audience might find interesting.
  5. Appreciate something – Find something positive that is also relevant to your audience. Let the love flow!
  6. Talk about a habit – Think of a great habit of yours or your organisation which you think others should know about.
  7. Experiment a little – Get creative! Come up with something simple, but strong and unique that would immediately grab your audience’s attention and help boost your LinkedIn brand.

Businesses have worked so hard to create successful brand identities. Choosing the right content on social media is essential for your overall marketing strategy.

Don’t get lost in the marketing forest – we’ve got you. Work with an experienced partner – like us! Get in touch today!

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