LinkedIn takes the next step in content marketing with new Sponsored Updates

Marketing for B2B companies on LinkedIn just got more interesting.

At the end of this month, LinkedIn is introducing ‘Sponsored Updates’, which gives users the ability to promote updates on LinkedIn beyond their own followers or connections.

In a similar style to ‘Promoted Posts’ on Facebook, LinkedIn sponsored updates allow you to promote your content and increase the reach of that content, whether it is blog posts, articles, infographics or a new whitepaper.

Users will be able to target exactly who will see these promoted posts and there will be a number of highly-targeted options. The ‘sponsored updates’ will be available on a cost-per-click basis, and will be shown in the main LinkedIn news feed.

The new ‘sponsored updates’ is part of LinkedIn’s continued emphasis on the importance of content marketing for B2B. After the news aggregator that is LinkedIn Today, and giving users the ability to upload images and documents, they have now taken it to the next level with paid advertising.

After the success of Facebook’s promoted posts and how brands have utilised this for storytelling, this is the B2B equivalent. Expect to see a rise in the quality of visual content on LinkedIn as the 3 million-plus companies invest in original and quality visual content.

Are you looking forward to getting to grips with Sponsored Updates? Share your opinion with Tom and the IF team by leaving a comment!

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