LinkedIn is running ‘full steam ahead’ in its content marketing efforts as it announces the release of two new content analytics tools, dubbed as the “Dynamic Duo” for businesses. Read on to discover why the news should come as music to the ears of B2B brands marketing from the platform.

Do you use LinkedIn as part of your content marketing strategy? According to a recent survey of B2B marketers by The Content Marketing Institute, 93% use content marketing, however only 42% consider themselves effective at it. With this in mind, LinkedIn has developed the ‘Content Marketing Score’ and ‘Trending Content’, aimed to provide businesses with valuable insight and analytics to help fine-tune their social media marketing strategy.

Measure and optimise!

LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score is a straightforward calculation which measures the unique engagement of your LinkedIn content divided by the total active target audience for your brand. Based on the score, LinkedIn will offer optimisation recommendations on how to improve engagement and reach, as well as benchmark the performance of your content against competitors.

Become a thought-leader!

LinkedIn’s Trending Content gives companies a list of popular topics that resonate most with their target audience on LinkedIn. The tool will allow brands to quickly spot industry trends to modify their marketing strategy accordingly.

Take a look at the ‘Dynamic Duo’ in action:

Teamed with actionable insight, LinkedIn has boosted its status as the ‘go-to’ platform for B2B brands to share content from, and better yet, both tools are ready and waiting to be explored! For more details, or to request your score, visit LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

 © “Linkedin Chocolates” by Nan Palmero

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