LinkedIn will make newsletter subscriptions visible to others

Newsletters went through a boom phase in the last couple of years and the social media platforms are working to incorporate newsletter elements to grow personal brands and thought leadership.

LinkedIn announced last week that they’re looking to add a new option which will enable members to view what newsletters another member is subscribed to in the app. This way, users will be able to find more relevant newsletters in your niche.

As per LinkedIn:

“… newsletters on LinkedIn are a great way to gather new insights and ideas on professional topics that they care about… members are looking for better ways to discover even more newsletters that would be relevant to them. To aid in this discovery, we are making newsletter subscriptions visible to others, including on profiles. Starting February 11th, 2023, you’ll be able to see which newsletters members find value in, the same way you can see your shared interests, pages and groups.”

As a result of the COVID downturn, social platforms saw an opportunity to become more critical when it comes to information chain. And while some have been able to successfully launch their own publications, others have fallen away, focusing on other initiatives.

LinkedIn, however, is still working to help creators build more connections via newsletter outreach. The option to see which newsletters a user is subscribed to could help in this respect – although there is a risk of newsletters predominately being pushed from big brands which, with budget behind them, may hinder the amplitude of smaller businesses.

Should your brand start producing newsletters? We can help you find out! Feel free to reach out and contact us for a quick chat to learn more.

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