Linkedin’s getting more personal about business connections


It may be a small dopamine rush when you get more invites on LinkedIn than an A-lister to a fabulous party, but is it just a vanity numbers game, or are you actually using it to find people outside your existing professional network for job hunts, lead generation or promotion?

Well, LinkedIn’s tweaked their Direct Messaging option to help you clear through the clutter and get to the chatter.

You’ll have to keep your profile up to date, and regularly engage with your audience. By posting frequently (with quality content), you increase the likelihood of somebody leaving a comment, which is where you can send a private message, cutting down on the previous red tape to get to that 1-1 conversation.

A public conversation becomes private. A reaction turns into a direct messaging opportunity. As LinkedIn states: you can also “…share comments via text, email and more. In our app, just tap on the control icon on the right side of any comment to see the message and share options.”.

It’s less being strongarmed into trying Premium for free for a month, so you can in-message contacts, and more about having engaging conversations that feel more ‘natural’ without sounding like a business bot.

You can add value and insight via direct message. By talking directly to a respondent, you can relate your goal to exactly what they’re talking about. When we say you, we mean your whole company.

Big project on the go? Various staff can be rounding up those leads, avoiding one overarching message, and one voice. They can share their expertise and then feedback the conversation to the wider team. Business leads and great customer service.

This is the real time. This isn’t fantasy.


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