Live Brand Social: strength in numbers

There is strength in numbers, and integrating live brand experiences with your social media activities is a prime example of this. Together they become Live Brand Social, and together they generate amazing figures. 53% of consumers said they will purchase a branded product as a result of this combination! And 45% will go on to make a purchase at a later date. Moreover, of a survey of 1,000 UK residents, 38% will become regular customers as a result of social with live experiences, therefore prolonging the value of merging these activities. 

Why should you care? Because cultivating relationships through unique experiences and pursuing the relationship through social media means delivering better value to your customers while enhancing your ROI. It’s a win-win situation, and when 56% of consumers will share content from live experiences on social media compared to print (49%) and TV (44%) it’s one that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Download the full report and share your thoughts on live brand social with us #LiveBrandSocial

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