Live Streaming 101 – Part 2

Planned your live stream video? It’s now worth thinking about how to keep your costs down.

Depending on the event that you are going to stream, you might need a camera crew and an outside broadcast van. If this is the case, the advice would be to refer to a seasoned professional, but in most cases, you could probably avoid all that.

If your production need is a very simple set up, like a cooking show or some tech talk or interviews, you could easily go for PTZ IP cameras.

PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom and basically mean that the camera can be remotely controlled via a networking cable or through WiFi. The most common use of these cameras is security cameras, like the globes hanging from poles and walls.

I can already hear the screams in horror…security cameras for a live on social media?!?!?

Absolutely! They are cheap, reliable and very well integrated with apps/software controllers that can vision mix, record and stream all in one.

Not only that, a 4k camera lets you plan up to 3 different angles from the very same camera as you can see in the photo below.

Some of the newest models let you control everything from your phone wirelessly.

You can pick the shot, move the camera, move the angle, plan a “fake” track or pan or a real one.

If the environment doesn’t let you do it over Wi-Fi, then running ethernet cables is still a viable and cheap option that can save your streaming from dropped frames.

The possibilities are endless, but remember what really matters is the content and the strategy that you put behind it!

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