Lost for Stickers? With Any Sticker you can now create your own!

I must confess that lately I find myself spending less and less time on Facebook and quite a bit more on Instagram. Maybe it’s because I prefer pictures over words but a lot of it is to do with Stories. Generally speaking, my Instagram feed is fairly staged. What I mean about that is that I quite consciously decide on the photos and videos I upload. There will only be a food photo up there if it’s an omelette with a face drawn onto it with ketchup. Now Stories are a whole different ballpark. Firstly, the entire thing disappears after 24hrs and secondly….there’s STICKERS! In my opinion, stickers really are a great way to express that little extra something in your Story. Aside from text, tags and emojis, thanks to Giphy there’s also a massive collection of GIF stickers (without which my stories wouldn’t be half as fun).

But if you still sometimes struggle to find the right sticker for the occasion, there’s a new app in town which makes that a little bit easier. Any Sticker is an app that allows you to make custom stickers to use on Instagram. The stickers look very much like the ‘location’, ‘mention’ or ‘hashtag’ stickers on Instagram except with an added icon at the front to jazz them up a bit.    

To create the sticker you start off by picking a text colour, and an icon from the app’s collection. The set includes icons such as a love heart, a martini glass, a map, and a cyclist to name a few. So, if you’re training for a cycling race or venturing on a road trip you can now use this app to create your own little stickers.

Once you’re happy with the sticker you’ve created, you upload the photo or video you want it added to and launch Instagram from within the app.


Once in Instagram, you can then tweak the sticker by resizing or rotating it just like you would with any other Instagram sticker.

While these stickers certainly won’t change your life, they’re a bit of fun to add to your Stories. Besides, that’s what Instagram is for isn’t it? Fun?

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