Make the most of your Pinterest boards

By if-admin | January 6, 2017


Most of you already know Pinterest. But if you can look past the design-ideas-pic sharing platform cliché, it’s more powerful than we often imagine, and can be incredibly useful to develop your brand online.

Pinterest has as many monthly users as Snapchat (150 million), and 40% of new subscribers are men. That should shake some common preconceptions!

Let’s see how to make the most of it.

Pinterest is not limited to food, fashion or design pics. Before anything else, it is a catalyst that uses the emotional potential of images to send through key messages. Brands have a lot to gain if they take this into account when working on images, and should optimise their assets to post more efficiently on Pinterest.

“OK” I hear you say, “but what about the algorithm?”

Well, Pinterest’s smart feed depends on three main factors:

The quality of the image you post plays a major role in how well your pin will perform. The more original, elaborate, accurate, etc. the higher the chances your picture will be massively seen.

Don’t forget the key words and descriptions. Limiting yourself to posting one image has never been a good practice anyway, but on Pinterest, each pin should be completed with pertinent information to facilitate search and sharing.

The relevance and frequency of your contribution to the platform will also impact your visibility. If you publish quality content on one or several themes, it’s likely you will see the visibility of your content on the feeds increase.

As with any digital marketing activity, it is essential to measure it to judge its efficiency.

The native Pinterest analytics will give you very interesting and detailed information on how your pins are performing.  You will be able to see which ones were clicked, liked, repinned, etc.

You will also be able to learn more about the profiles that interact with your pins – country, city, language, etc. as well as their interests and the other professional boards your audience also interacts with. That’s a great way to perfect your buyer personas!

Happy Pinning!

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