Moments make social. They fill our personal feeds with memories to look back on. From the family reunion after lockdown to our pets doing something adorable. The achievements we’re proud of to the moments of calamity our dear friends captured. Moments make social media.

For a brand to make a moment meaningful, it’s a little harder. Granted, some of those fond impromptu moments will help to visualise your brand personality and culture, but to make a brand-owned moment, or an event moment or a trending topic or moment become YOUR brand moment, then you need to do a bit of work ahead of time.

On last week’s ‘Serious Social Live’ I lifted 5 elements from our 11-point brand workshop to help offer the smallest of insight into the work you have ahead. Consideration and workshop tasks need to be completed around your audience, content pillars, personality, objectives, and tone of voice.

For a moment to matter to the audience you’re trying to acquire, key consideration needs to be given to who they are, what they’re interested in and critically, the ‘moments’ that matter to them. Sadly, too many brands try to shoehorn a moment that matters to them into their audience, without even considering ‘will they give a s#!t?!’

Recall a moment in social that sticks out in your mind. Think about those brands you remember, versus the ‘white noise’ participation you can’t.

The brands that stand out and do well. The brands that become part of their audience’s memory for being fun and clever, they’ve not just achieved that on a whim. Planning and preparation met a moment, and they were able to capitalise.

In the 15-minute live recording, I delve into the work you need to do. I hasten to add, this really is just a snippet of what’s required. These 5 points are part of a day-long 11-point brand workshop that transforms your thinking and approach to social media.

As brands become more serious about social media, there is a realisation that to achieve the potent potential faced from social, you have to have a considered and grown-up approach to how to create and publish your content. I don’t mean boring – far from it. I mean seriously impactful. Have fun. Be bold. Do stand out by being different. Just don’t be the uncle who tries to be funny in the moment and fails badly. Be the comic who has honed their narrative by touring the small comedy clubs, understanding what the audience want from their humour. Then, when you venture ‘out out’. You may just do a Micky Flanagan and achieve audience numbers most would not think possible.

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