For a couple of days now I’ve been reading City AM‘s passionate reports on my way to work, about one of the latest scandals in London’s City. This time it is nothing to do with the usual hype around investment banks, bonuses, interest rates and share prices. It is the Walkie Talkie. The skyscraper that melts cars, sets carpet on fire and bakes eggs.

The British public have taken the story with humour, and as usual, a nickname competition has started, and is spreading globally. Similarly to Boris Bikes that have been renamed despite the corporate attempts to brand it otherwise, it is unlikely Walkie Talkie will keep its original name for long. After a brief look into social conversations about the tower, three obvious alternatives crystalise:

Option 1: Death Ray Tower


Option 2: Walkie Scorchy


Option 3: Fryscraper


Social media, as we know, is a great crowdsourcing and listening platform. The open conversations taking place on micro-blogging sites and open social networks provide the ideal democratic, non-solicited feedback that many brands are desperately looking for. And the same listening can help us find out public opinion, even on such trivial matters as naming a tower.

So, what do the results reveal?

So the new tower is now called Fryscraper, according to quite a clear consensus across social media platforms.

Do you have another name in mind? What’s your favourite? Share your comments below!

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