Moments of the micro kind

When planning messages and creative for campaigns which require an action to be taken, we’ve always got the customer journey in mind. The simplest approach is to ensure you are present to inspire and delight when research takes place, when the action is taken and then following the action to cover brand loyalty and advocacy.

Looking deeper, you can consider referring to a term first coined by Google a few years ago, micro-moment… “moments that really matter” – these are:

Google, of course, want to ensure that your business is present (i.e. PPC) at the right time for users who spend time on search engines during these moments.

For social media, tapping into moments such as these means being smart with the timing of your campaigns – scheduling some ad creatives which only show during certain times of day, and looking at how to sequentially advertise in order to tell the brand story and, therefore, be front of mind when the consumer does move to the next stage.

Moments, for us, can also mean looking at the reasons your audience is on social in the first place, and what that means – are we targeting mums of under 5’s who are really time-poor and may have a quick scroll while waiting for the school bell to ring, or on the sofa past 8pm? We should also consider whether specific moments tied to events, appointment-to-view TV or news releases could be an avenue to reach our audience with a timely message… and don’t forget, geo-targeting can be applied on Facebook to reach those who “are travelling, or have recently travelled” within a certain radius.

All of this requires a deep understanding of who your audiences are, what motivates them, their relationship with each social media platform and why your content might make them stop scrolling – if there’s one thing we can all start this year with, it’s to check in with your audience understanding and ensure we’re ready to serve up those magic moments.

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