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Any business, alert and looking to drive natural search is already running Google+ and Facebook accounts at the moment. Facebook because people are using it and Google+ because it is this persistent beast, which is ignoring popularity and instead providing fantastic ingredients for functionality and the ability to make you or your brand more famous. As the algorithms search to rank pages and understand where the valuable sources of data are for your search, the smart business is making sure that every innovation that Google brings to the table is reviewed to drive further ‘trust’ within the search engine.

Why is Google+ so awesome for search?

Many brands we speak to are asking us about Google+ and no matter how often we reinforce that this is an essential platform for the Search Engine, with an ever increasing presence in the thriving community space, some are still backwards in coming forwards. If the search engine is the priority for your brand then splashing Google+ technology all over it is a great basic starting point to get your search engine results going in the right direction. Google slightly unfairly (but then in macho display for Facebook to show them who really can control a search engine) has set a precedence for links that come from its own social platforms. Even down to the fact that any Post on Facebook will see a higher degree of success in search if it is linked to a Google+ account.

The search engine responds well to a highly interlinked network, in an ideal world it is advisable to create content from your Google+ pages and make that the source and then share it with your social media outposts.

Maximising your Content

On this road to search optimisation and maximisation for the content you create, registering your site with Google Webmaster Tools and then adding a Google+ +1 on each page of your pages is a wise decision. To index your content there really is no better way to alert the search engine to its presence than signposting it with Google’s technology, and if you can get the consumer using them then it’s power is bolstered – always supporting this fluid interlinking.

What is Authorship?

Authorship allows you to be recognised for content you create, therefore if you are seeding out your content or if you are guest blogging, if you have an email address registered to your domain, you can be recognised for this. Once your email address is submitted to the Authorship page, you can continue to build your authority within the search engine. Once registered and providing you submit the same information ‘Author=yourname’ your Google+ login.

How Can I Optimise Other Social Networks using Google+

Even though Google prioritises links coming from it’s own social networks, other social networks still have a significant role to play – however this can be improved by supporting the content you put out there by linking to Google+ as well. Google+, and indeed Facebook accounts, are a great way to improve your rank with Google but creating Google+ Authorship again furthers that relationship with ranked search results.

We are all specialists in our business areas and Google wants people to be seen as authorities in their content. Businesses that are producing a lot of content about a particular area should appear higher in the search engines. However with the introduction of Authorship this will enable you to be ranked higher. Google is uniquely placed to support this filtering of content and businesses that are not jumping at it and working as closely as possible with the search master are missing out.

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