Movements, World Cups and more… Facebook looks back on 2018

As another year draws to an end, it’s time for Facebook to release the annual ‘Year in Review’, taking a look back at the best (maybe most memorable) things to come out of 2018. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, but honestly it really wasn’t all bad!

The platform has created a video template allowing users to select their favourite pictures/moments from the past year. Or, if you’re like me, you can share the video that Facebook has already made for you.

But, Facebook’s own Year in Review was a little different to the rest.

Like most years, a lot of events happened in 2018. So, rather than creating a video, they decided to share some statistics on the key events that created conversations and brought Facebook users together. Some of the highlights they focused on were:

  • March for Our Lives. According to Facebook, over 1 million users showed support and interest in events surrounding the movement, as well as over $2.5million being raised through fundraisers. As expected, brands were very vocal on this matter and showed their support through social platforms to voice their concerns. For example, Gucci and Bumble played a key role by donating a large amount to the movement and raising awareness by linking the issue to their brand values.
  • World Cup. I’m sure no-one will have forgotten about the summer that will go down in history for the most unexpected reason – we reached the semi-final!! Everywhere you went, you will have heard or seen conversations surrounding the tournament and users on Facebook did not shy away from expressing their reactions. 2.3 billion posts, comments, reactions and shares to be exact! Brands saw this occasion as a great opportunity to engage with their followers, and you bet, they hit the back of the net every time.
  • Keeping Legacies Alive. Year-on-year, we take a look back at who we have lost and how influential they have been on the world. This year Facebook saw millions of users flooding to the channel to mourn and remember the likes of Aretha Franklin, Avicii and Stephen Hawking, sharing some of their greatest work.

It’s proven every year that Facebook users love looking back down memory lane and sharing what they got up to, especially when all of the data is at the click of a button. More of the statistics and the methodology can be found through Facebook’s newsroom, but for now, it is time for you or your brand to join the fun and share your greatest moments of 2018!

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