MUM likes your Facebook status!

The times of thinking my parents are the un-coolest people in the world are behind me, but to be honest with you I would never have them as a Facebook friend, especially my dearest mother. I have nothing to hide from her but I think it is more the embarrassment of knowing that my mum will definitely “like” or “comment” on every status and picture!

I can image comments like “well done dear” or “that looks lovely, where are you?” All day, everyday.

This lovely infographic tells me, surprisingly, I am in the minority in not having my mum on Facebook. Only 38% of kids do not have their mom (mum) on Facebook and only 26% would deny their mum access to their profile. The infographic also suggests that I should have my grandpa on Facebook! To be fair, I don’t think he has an account and I feel this could be one step too far for me.

Do you have your mum on Facebook? Perhaps I should start my mum/ son Facebook friend journey but I still need a little convincing…

Top tip for those who DO accept their mum on Facebook:

If you are worried about what your mum, or anyone for that matter, looks at on your Facebook page you can filter who can see your “stuff” through your privacy settings.


If you are a mum reading this you may want to check you child’s Facebook privacy settings and make sure they are being safe online. As it is Safer Internet Day please follow this link for further information: SID 2014 

Or if you’re a business and are worried about the privacy of your company’s social media accounts, why not try the immediate future policy workbook?

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